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Family Therapy in Olympia WA

Easy and Accessible Family Therapy in Olympia WA

Family has the biggest impact on a person’s life. No matter what happens in your day-to-day life, when your family is struggling to even sit in the same room together, it can have lasting side effects. The life that people build together in Olympia should be filled with happiness, laughter and good memories. Unfortunately, 6.2 million people per year see a family therapist. Countless others will let their family problems persist or will even become divorced in the process.

We know that family therapy in Olympia, WA is supposed to be easy, accessible and comforting. We have helped others just like you work through family issues and finally get back to a sense of normalcy. There are happy days in your family’s future, but you may need some help to push through life’s problems.


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Most Commonly Seen Problems

The most common problems facing families are:

  • Depression
  • Child behavioral and emotional disorders
  • Substance or alcohol abuse
  • Martial problems
  • Domestic violence

These are just a few of the problems that we see within our office every day. There are also times when a seemingly happy couple is merely having doubts about their future together. These are all issues that we can help you overcome.

What We Can Do

As a family therapist we are able to help with:

  • Marital or Couples Therapy: When a relationship starts to go sour, there is still hope. If two people want to work through their issues, a little couples counseling and talking through issues can go a long away. Whether you have kids or not, we can help you work through problems so that you have a bright future ahead of you.
  • Family Therapy: When mom and dad are happy but the family is not, we can also help. A new child or an addition to the family may be causing hardship. We can help families sit down and work through their pertinent problems.

The Initial Visit

Your initial visit is the most important. Once you have scheduled an appointment, you will be ready to come to our offices and work through your problems. While we can always help, we aren’t miracle workers. The first visit lets us gain an insight into your current family situation and build out a foundation in which we can offer further assistance.

We wish we could promise that your family issues would be gone in a day, but this would be a lie. Family therapy is a work in progress and every family is different. Following our initial visit, we will be able to utilize our knowledge to help you overcome life’s biggest obstacles. If you and your family are dedicated, it is possible to turn all of the negative energy and bickering into prosperity and happiness once again.

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