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Teletherapy in Olympia WA

Group of students after teletherapy in OlympiaAre you looking for teletherapy in Olympia?

Well, in an age where people spend hours per day online working, shopping, browsing websites, and scrolling through social media, it makes sense that mental health counseling can also be done through online video conferencing or over the phone. Videoconferencing software has been making great strides recently, and many therapists are incorporating teletherapy into their practices.

It is convenient for both therapist and client and is just as effective as in-person counseling. At Holly Blue Counseling, we are happy to offer teletherapy for our clients. 

There are a variety of different ways that teletherapy (remote therapy) can be done, depending on the situation and what might work best for the client. These include:

  • Phone call therapy sessions
  • Group chat, if group therapy is preferred
  • Videoconferencing for individuals, couples, and groups
  • Email or instant messenger
  • App-based therapy techniques

Teletherapy works best when the client is able to continue to receive the help he or she needs in the manner that is most comfortable.

The Benefits of Teletherapy 

When it comes to therapy (Individual, group, couples, family, etc.), the benefits are often quite easy to see. Therapy provides you with a chance to discuss your feelings and concerns in a safe space with a neutral third party. It is also a process, so it is unlikely that everything will be wrapped up after one session. Sometimes, though, actually being able to go to therapy can be difficult for many different reasons. That’s where teletherapy shines.

Because you do not need to leave your home (or wherever you feel most comfortable speaking with your therapist), teletherapy becomes convenient and is able to solve issues such as transportation and child care which may prevent someone from attending a therapy session. Here are some other great benefits of teletherapy: 

  • Lower costs: Eliminating the need to be in the office with the therapist can save clients money on treatment as well as things associated with therapy sessions such as travel expenses and hiring a babysitter.
  • Access to care: If a client has a physical disability, lives far from the therapist’s office, or cannot seem to find a break in their schedule, teletherapy can eliminate those stresses. It can be done anywhere that has an internet connection or phone signal.
  • Heightened privacy: For some clients, it can feel awkward or uncomfortable to sit in a therapist’s office with other clients wondering if the others might be able to hear the conversation. With teletherapy, there is no concern over privacy issues.
  • Client satisfaction: Clients are still able to speak directly with their therapists as if they were in the office and receive equally effective treatment. High quality teletherapy (just like traditional therapy) often results in great client satisfaction.
  • Less risk to public health: With the COVID-19 virus still infecting thousands of people around the world, it is more important than ever to remain vigilant about public health and safety. Teletherapy eliminates the need to leave one’s home and risk getting or transmitting the Coronavirus or any other public health risk.

With all of these benefits as well as the already established advantages of going to therapy, teletherapy is certainly a positive and helpful advancement in mental health care using modern technology.

Can Teletherapy Work for You? 

Teletherapy has many advantages that can be very beneficial to all types of therapy clients, but it is a personal decision to figure out if teletherapy can work for you. While many may find the notion of having a therapy session at home to be less stressful than traveling to the therapist’s office, others may have difficulty finding a space at home or time away from the family to communicate with the therapist. If this is the case, traditional therapy may be better for your situation. 

Another concern for teletherapy is access to a consistent and reliable internet connection or phone signal. If there are issues in the technological aspect that cannot be resolved by the client, it may not be the right option.

Teletherapy allows clients to continue their therapy sessions from the comfort of their home or other safe space. Their mental health needs can still be met by their therapist, but teletherapy eliminates the traveling and safety risk requirement. It is a personal decision that should be discussed with your therapist to see if it can be the right option for you.

Couples Counseling Teletherapy 

At Holly Blue Counseling, we use emotion-focused therapy for couples counseling so that each person is able to express their emotions and bolster their emotional bond with their partner. When done in person, we are able to establish a comfortable and safe environment for couples to discuss their concerns and learn to work with one another to build trust. Holly Blue truly enjoys working with couples to help them bring joy, trust, and happiness back into their relationships by getting to the root of the issues.

Emotion-focused therapy can also be done through teletherapy. As a couple, you and your partner will meet with me virtually from a space that already feels comfortable. We will practice the same activities and have the same types of discussions that we would in person, but they will be done through teletherapy. For couples who want to improve their relationships and bolster their emotional connection with one another but do not want to attend in-person sessions, teletherapy is a great option.

Contact the Tacoma Counseling Expert

Holly Blue is dedicated to helping couples and families get back on track with their relationships so that they can bring happiness, trust, and emotional connectedness into their lives. She understands the variety of needs that her clients may have, including the desire to discuss their concerns from home.

For this reason, she is offering her exceptional counseling services to her clients via teletherapy. Contact Holly today to learn more about all of her therapy services and how to get started with teletherapy. For couples counseling, marriage counseling, family therapy, and emotion-focused therapy, Holly Blue is your Olympia Washington counselor. 

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