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Whether you have been married for decades or been in a relationship for a few years, it’s common to go from a state of intense commitment to start second-guessing your union.

In some cases, these consequences stem from a gradual buildup of negative emotions. In other situations, they occur out of a sudden event in your life. But no matter the reason, they may very well end up challenging the foundations of your marriage.

That’s where marriage therapy with a proficient marriage counselor can help. 

Marriage Therapy is Essential

With our licensed marriage and family therapist in Tacoma, WA, Holly can assist you in finding the support that you need to restrengthen your relationship. Through the help of our therapist, you can discuss your concerns, explore your problems, and express your apprehensions in a safe space.

With the usage of distinctive couples therapy methods, our marriage counseling therapist ensures to provide you with all the marriage counseling tools you need to build a healthy and happy relationship with your spouse. 

Holly is just a call away whether you need to air out long-term challenges or cope with abrupt life changes.

Couples Therapy in Tacoma, WA

Supported by the targeted skillset and expertise of licensed marriage and family therapists in Tacoma, WA, Holly Blue has become known for providing extensive couples therapy services for various issues.

As you move forward in life and seek to work with each other as part of a team in your local community, things can get in the way and disrupt the center of the relationship. It can be mental health issues, lack of satisfaction, a poor experience, or other factors that add another cost or two to your relationship.

Our goal is to find out the specific details that matter to our clients within the home. Whatever the case may be for men or women within the relationship, we seek to assist by looking at each person.

With the end goal of making relationships stronger and healthier, our therapists focus on the dynamics of you and your spouse through multiple perspectives. 

Our Marriage Counselor Helps With Various Issues

This helps with a variety of problems that include: 

  • Infidelity. 
  • Communication issues. 
  • Substance abuse. 
  • Different life goals. 
  • Emotional turmoil.
  • Anger management. 
  • Credit Cards and Financial matters within the home.
  • Stress Management.
  • General relationship issues, relationship disrepair, and lack of trust related to infidelity.
  • Life transitions change divorce consideration.

Our couples therapy from our marriage counselor approaches cover established techniques including but not limited to the following. 

  • Gottman Method. This technique helps you understand your spouse better while also encouraging the aspects of respect, appreciation, and intimacy in your interactions. 
  • Narrative Therapy. This approach encourages you to assimilate your situation and its effects on your life’s story. This lets you and your spouse harbor an increased sense of empathy for each other. 
  • Positive Psychology. This method encourages you to find and cherish happy moments as they take place in your life. This allows you to identify how your spouse makes your life better regularly. 
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy. This technique focuses on managing critical emotional responses to situations and allows you and your spouse to go through times of turmoil.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). This approach directly addresses any affective stress that is associated with your social interactions or surroundings. This helps you cope with emotional stressors and negative feelings in a variety of situations.

Since our therapist specializes in family and marriage aspects, we determine the best possible approach for your specific case based on the problems you face or the challenges you are experiencing. This makes sure that you and your spouse can make the most out of your time with marriage therapy and a proficient marriage counselor in Tacoma, WA.

Find A Safe Space For Your Marriage

No matter the level of initial commitment, loyalty, and appreciation towards each other, many couples run into some marital challenges down the road.

In case they avoid the issues at hand, it can cause the problems to grow to the point of resentment, regret, and never-ending conflict. But if they take the time to address their issues under a safe space and qualified guidance, it can do wonders for their marriage’s strength, health, and happiness. 

Marriage Counseling Can Help

As one of the most reliable marriage therapy providers in Tacoma, WA, Holly Blue can deliver the counseling you require. Our therapist ensures to understand the issues you and your spouse experience and guide you through holistic therapies designed to help in various situations. 

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Holly’s counseling helps loving couples and families get their relationships back on track. Counseling is the first step to fixing your relationship and allows you to overcome a crisis, fix trust issues, or even help when intimacy is killing an otherwise happy relationship.

Holly Blue offers a variety of counseling include Marriage therapy, couple’s counseling, and more!

Holly truly enjoys working with couples on issues of trust and communication. Her goal is to bolster your emotional bond with your partner, for a lifetime of love and connection.

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Emotion Focused Therapy

As an EFT therapist, I validate the partners’ emotions and attachment needs, respond genuinely to the partners individually, and evoke the two partners’ own ability to heal themselves and their relationship. EFT has several strengths for getting couples on the road to recovery.

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Systems Theory Therapy

Systems theory offers family counselors both a conceptual and a practical framework for organizing diagnostic information and evaluating presenting problems. This innovative approach has been very critical to providing a framework for counselors to diagnose and present information to patients. Systems theory is very helpful for dysfunctional families and overall family treatment.

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Counseling for Couples

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About Me

I truly enjoy working with couples on issues of trust and communication. My goal is to bolster your emotional bond with your partner, for a lifetime of love and connection. My office is located off of Interstate 5 near the intersection of College Street and 6th Avenue.

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