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Couples Counseling in Tacoma, WA

Couples Counseling Services

Do you wish your partner understood you better?

Are resentments building to the point of eclipsing your love?

Do you avoid discussing certain things, because it usually ends in a fight?

Is trust a problem?

Are you frustrated? Feeling hurt? Losing hope?

Holly Blue is a therapist in Lacey, WA. I help my couples see why each partner responds in the surprising, sometimes hurtful ways they do. It is probably not for the reasons you think!

Emotion Focused Therapy

Having completed Advanced Core Skills in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy — one of only two empirically validated approaches to couple therapy (American Psychological Association) — my goal is to bolster your emotional bond with your partner, for a lifetime of love and connection.

I focus on using techniques and steps of EFT to help both parties identify their issues and concerns. Don’t worry about having a shouting match in my office, in couples counseling I establish a comfortable environment where each person can express their emotions. My goal is to help couples be genuine with each other by using activities that encourage transparency. Establishing trust is also a key component of my work with couples counseling. Trust should be the cornerstone of every relationship so I help couples identify whether or not this exists between them. During the assessment phase, I ask several questions about trust to uncover any underlying issues.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy has several strengths in helping reach your goals and overcome obstacles. It has proven to solve couples issues related to grief and depression. EFT is also a short-session strategy which lasts about 12 weeks. Divorce rates among couples have been reduced by therapists who use EFT. Clients report that using EFT has helped them understand underlying emotions and helped them learn how to appropriately express their emotional needs.

Feel free to call me with any questions that you have.