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Read About What Our Clients Are Experiencing

Holly strives to work with you to establish trust and compassionately speak with you about your issues. Read some reviews of our services from our current and former couples and marriage counseling patients:
Holly was able to help me break down my emotional barriers in order to help myself help my relationship. I was ready to quit & walk away from a 10 year relationship bc I was too hurt and angry to see things from my partners perspective. Holly was able to show me What I was doing wrong In an unoffensive way. Holly is excellent with her words & knowledge. She is the best counselor for all couples in trouble!”
~ R.K.
She is fair, compassionate, insightful and willing to ask the tough questions – to call you on your crap in a heartfelt and compassionate way. If you come in with a goal in mind she is happy to support you in moving toward that goal, and will articulate when she feels like you are shifting directions (as did happen in my sessions.) I went in because we had our third failed adoption experience and uncovered a LOT more than I had anticipated – revealing cracks in my marriage, understanding my motivation for adoption, understanding my family’s contribution to my attitude of self care and when I make a tough choice. Since seeing her I feel lighter, more connected to my husband, clearer on cultivating connection with what fills me up so much about being a mom. It was hard work, but I definitely see her as instrumental in providing clarity for both me and my husband and a road to joy in my life. She helped us to understand each other without judgment and come together on moving forward in a way that worked for us both. Even though I didn’t go with my husband, most of the work lied there and I was able to take some of the “tools” (for lack of a better word) to my relationship at home. If we have difficulties again I would definitely go with him to see her in a heartbeat, and he is oh so very not into therapy!I think I have really high standards for service professionals, as one myself it’s always amazing to connect with someone who is doing what they are meant to in the world. She is one of those persons so I had to share her. So many therapists get into the work for the wrong reasons, she is just gifted and very clear, none of her own stuff shows up in the sessions but she is very personable and easy to talk to.I really encourage you to take a leap toward her and would confidently recommend her to just about anyone who wanted some support and to see a shift in their lives. I can honestly say I am more joyful and peaceful for having had her support and lived through what we did in our challenge.”
~ J.K., Seattle
Holly is incredibly approachable, non-judgmental and skilled in her field.  She has helped me more than I had ever thought possible going into this process.  With Holly’s insight, guidance and approach, I was able to participate fully in getting my relationship back on track.”

~ S.J., Seattle, WA