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A Roadmap Through Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Roadmap for Couples Counseling Lacey WA

A new relationship is always fun. But later down the road, things can become disconnected and communication gets strained. Couples that are feeling unfulfilled and negative about their relationship often seek emotionally focused therapy to revive and create a loving bond. It’s a special couple’s therapy that follows a structured and positive model to rekindle a relationship. Let’s take a look at the roadmap so you know where you’re heading and don’t have to ask for directions.


Understand the Strengths and Patterns 

The first step of couples counseling in Lacey WA is setting your goals. This involves examining your relationship history and seeing how they affect you both as a couple. Identifying the negative pattern of interactions is key. With the help of your therapist, you can see how your communication breaks down. You can also understand how your partner feels during this time. Once you know what the triggers are, you can work out a new cycle that is going to strengthen your relationship.


Change Communication and Create a New Bond 

The second step can begin once you’re able to share your feelings with your pattern during couples counseling in Lacey WA. Now is the opportunity to create a deep bond. This all happens with sharing your fears, experiences, and insecurities. This helps you and your partner understand each other and creates empathy. Don’t forget to listen; this is the most important part. It’s normal to feel confused or hurt if they haven’t shared this information with you before. But this is the beginning of a more intimate bond. Your therapist will guide you through this and help you find new ways to become closer.


Create New Communication Patterns

Step three is about revisiting issues you were having in your relationship with a new perspective.  You can focus on working through them together with the new cycles you’ve created during couples counseling in Lacey WA. This means feeling stronger together and this can make your relationship more rewarding.


Would you like to take part in couples counseling in Lacey WA? You can schedule your appointment with Holy Blue today. You can enjoy sessions with a qualified EFT therapist; all ages, genders, ethnicities, and religions are welcome. Holly Blue has over 10 years of experience and is incredibly approachable. You can contact her today to see whether Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy is for you.