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Top 10 Reasons Why Couples Seek Therapy

Top 10 Reasons Why Couples Seek Therapy

Most young couples worldwide intend to get married and start a life together. But to keep the relationship strong and healthy, many of these couples opt to go for marriage counseling. 

Marriage counseling or couples therapy is a type of therapy that provides vital support to couples going through a divorce or looking to strengthen their relationship and understanding of each other. There are several types of therapy that couples go through for many different reasons, the most common being emotionally focused therapy.

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Emotionally focused couples therapy is a type of couples therapy based on a study of the bonding process in adult couples. It seeks to address and iron out issues causing distress amongst couples.


Emotionally focused intervention helps individuals to address their emotional responses to different situations. This allows couples to better deal with their shortcomings by looking inside for a solution instead of pointing the finger at the other partner. This introspection, in turn, helps each partner become a better partner and person in general. 

Here are ten reasons why every couple should give emotion-focused therapy in Tacoma, WA a try.

  • To Address Communication Problems

Good communication is the key for any relationship to flourish. Most of us learn our communication skills from our upbringing.

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This is, however, not sufficient for some couples as we are all raised differently. Emotion-focused marital and family therapy can help partners develop and stick to positive communication styles to boost emotional engagement and prevent avoidable arguments and mishaps.

  • Premarital Counseling

Most couples attend pre-marital therapy with a family therapist to prepare them for married life together. Premarital counseling helps couples familiarise themselves with and avoid most issues facing couples today. These issues range from finances to social media, among other challenges.

  • Maintaining Relationships Outside the Marriage

One of the significant causes of divorce is pressure from in-laws and friends. Most couples experience difficulties in creating and maintaining boundaries around their relationships. In-laws and best friends are especially notorious for disrespecting personal and family boundaries. 

Marriage counseling will equip each partner with the right tools and knowledge to create and maintain healthy relationships outside their marriage.

  • Dealing With Infidelity

Extramarital affairs and infidelity can break any relationship, however strong. Cheating is one of the leading causes of divorce worldwide. 

Although damaging, infidelity does not have to mean the end of a healthy and promising relationship. Couples therapy aims to help partners learn from their previous mistakes to avoid making them again. Mental health professionals can also intervene to help deal with the trauma that comes from infidelity in a relationship.

  • Sexual Problems

Sex is one of the most important ways that you can use to get intimate with your partner. Many couples, however, face challenges when it comes to sex. With problems such as sex addiction, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and masturbation, sex can be an avenue for embarrassment, anxiety, or anger for many. 

Therapy helps couples deal with and overcome many issues revolving around sex to strengthen their bond. It also helps individuals overcome poor sexual habits such as masturbation and infidelity.

This, in turn, helps the individual to grow more confident in their sexual abilities, breathing life into their relationships and resolving marital conflict in the process

  • Non-conventional Relationships

Partners involved in non-conventional relationships such as swingers, LGBTQ, among others, also experience challenges. Some of the problems they face are a result of their lifestyle and identities. Emotion-based therapy can help them overcome these challenges and help them grow their identities to create a better environment for the relationships to flourish.

  • Blending Your Family

Many people around the world go into new relationships with children from previous relationships. Blending two families can present a unique set of challenges. Parenting styles differ across families worldwide. Children might also need some help in adjusting to their new family and environment.

This might be a cause of friction between two partners when dealing with their children. Emotionally focused family therapy helps couples develop better ways of managing their blended families to help them better deal with such challenges.

  • Ending the Relationship

Going through a divorce is not an easy thing for many people—especially where children are involved. Because emotions sometimes get the best of us, many people end up getting messy divorces due to the difficulty of this period.  Therapy helps couples make decisions regarding important aspects such as housing, children, and finances with a sober mind.

  • Modern-Day Challenges

The digital age has presented an entirely new set of challenges to most couples. Increased connectivity has increased the chances of infidelity a great deal around the world. Couples also spend an extended amount of time on their devices, reducing the amount of quality time they spend together.

  • Rebuilding the Relationship

After trust has been lost, rebuilding a relationship can be an uphill task for anyone. Trust is also a foundation for a solid and healthy relationship. It is, therefore, a crucial component that must be regained for the couple to stay together. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy can help couples build a new foundation of trust for the betterment of their bond by getting rid of previously adaptive behaviors.


Considering Emotionally Focused Therapy in Tacoma, WA?

At Holly Blue, we understand that relationships are what make us human. Without relationships, we wouldn’t achieve what humanity has achieved over centuries of coordinating and shaping societies. 

Holly Blue Counseling offers world-class emotionally focused marital therapy for couples in or around Tacoma, WA. Feel free to give us a call on (360) 915-2497 to make an appointment or if you’d like further information about our services.