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Marriage Therapy In Tacoma, WA

Easy and Accessible Marriage Therapy in Tacoma, WA

Marriage is one of a person’s life aspects with the biggest impact. No matter what happens in your day-to-day life, when your marriage is struggling, and you find it hard to even sit in the same room with your spouse, it can have lasting side effects. 

The family life that marriage partners build together should be filled with happiness, laughter, and good memories. Fortunately, couples therapy services in Tacoma, WA, have provided marital therapy and counseling services to thousands of married couples and helped them increase intimacy and save their unions.

All couples experience challenges in their relationships. For some, it’s about constant arguments. For others, it’s about money, lack of love or emotional connection, or other reasons. Also, during the coronavirus pandemic, partners have been made to spend more time together at home. This has exposed cracks in the relationship that were initially hidden or intensified tensions.


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Common Reasons Or Signs For A Couple To Seek Marriage Counseling Services

You Have Lots of Unproductive and Hurtful Arguments

Partners in marriage relationships handle conflicts differently. Some will thrive on confrontations. Others will be aggressive to the point of getting physically abusive, while others will walk away. In most cases, couples will get into a repetitive loop and have the same argument for days, months, or even years.

Having arguments sometimes is not a bad thing, and it is not always about what you say but how you put it in your words or actions. A couples therapist will teach you how you and your partner will diffuse disagreements respectfully, reasonably, and in a healthy way. 

You’ll also learn few things regarding anger management and avoid destructive behaviors such as physical or verbal abuse.


Money Issues

Money or finances has always been a contentious aspect for many couples. Even in Tacoma, WA, it is common for marriage partners to disagree on different financial issues such as spending styles or lack of enough money. Money issues have the power to evoke anger, envy, disrespect, or anxiety. 

Most couples handle their money issues based on history with their experiences. A marriage counselor will help you understand your relationship with your finances as a couple and how it shapes your thinking about your union and other people.


Lack of Intimacy or Love Life

One of the main reasons why couples split is lack of love or sex life. There are different reasons why marriage partners find sex less enjoyable, such as boredom from one partner, medication side effects, medical issues, body changes such as menopause, and other reasons.

However, numerous couples are not sexually intimate but are emotionally intimate and affectionate. When both partners are satisfied with the same level of intimacy in their situation, whether there is sex or not, there will be no problem. Little intimacies like paying attention to the stories of the other partner or a simple peck on the cheek can be important in helping couples staying connected.

Having a personal conversation like this can be very difficult for people. Still, good couples therapy professionals can help guide the talk and make couples feel comfortable during intimate topics, discussions, or communication.



According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 25% of married men and 15% of married women said they had extramarital relationships. However, infidelity means a lot to different couples. About one-third of marriages that have experienced extramarital affairs have survived mostly because of attending couples counseling sessions. Also, if you’re tempted to cheat, it is wise to seek counseling therapy instead of experiencing a bitter split-up.


You’re Going Through Huge Life Transitions

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you and your partner have the best times in your marriage. A big change in your life can create friction in your relationship. Different coping styles can also pose challenges in your relationship. 

A transition in your way of living can present a serious conflict, especially if you feel your partner is not understanding or providing any support. You can feel resentment or frustration towards your spouse. 

Couples therapy will help you repair or restore your lost connection and emotional bond with your partner by enabling you to deal with the new normal and continue to have a healthy marriage.


Want To Avoid Divorce or Have An Amicable Split-up

Sometimes, couples seek marriage counseling services to see if they can salvage their relationship even though they already think about splitting. In other circumstances, only one person might be thinking about getting divorced while the other wants to maintain the relationship.

Discernment counseling can help couples decide if they wish to continue with the split-up or stay married. If it is clear the marriage will not work, professional therapy can help provide a less toxic split-up. The counseling session will enable the divorcing couple to settle their issues and move forward in a more adult way and less damaging to all the people involved, including the children.

What We Can Do

As a family therapist we are able to help with:

  • Marital or Couples Therapy: When a relationship starts to go sour, there is still hope. If two people want to work through their issues, a little couples counseling and talking through issues can go a long way. Whether you have kids or not, we can help you work through problems so that you have a bright future ahead of you.

The Initial Visit To The Marriage Counselor

Your initial visit is the most important. Once you have scheduled an appointment with our marriage and family therapist, you will be ready to come to our offices and work through your problems. While we can always help, we aren’t miracle workers. 

The first visit lets us gain an insight into your current relationship situation and build out a foundation in which we can offer further assistance whether you are young adults or have been married for few decades.

We wish we could promise that your couple’s issues would be gone in a day, but this would be a lie. Marriage therapy is a work in progress, and relationship issues are different. 

Following our initial visit, we will be able to utilize our knowledge to help you overcome life’s biggest obstacles through couples counseling, diagnosis and treatment of your relationship problems, and stress management and problem-solving techniques. 

If you and your partner are dedicated, it is possible to turn all the negative energy and bickering into prosperity and happiness once again.


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